4 Week Kickstarter Shred Diet


4 Week Kickstarter Shred Diet


The 4 week Kickstarter Shred Diet is a diet I give to all of my clients when they first join my squad. It’s the best way to quickly strip any excess fat off by putting you into a calorie deficit.

The program has two different phases - phase one weeks 1-2 and phase two weeks 3-4. There are 4 meal plans for the entire program (same food for the week) however there is a shopping list with foods broken into carbs, proteins, fats, herbs + spices + foods to avoid that you can swap foods out with if you don’t like them.

There are calories and macros for both phases you need to hit, so as long as you’re hitting them with the foods from the shopping list then you’re good! Please note these are not customised per person.

I’ve also updated the program to include what to do after the program finishes (diet breaks + reverse dieting) as well as supplementation recommendations.

Kickstart your journey now!

*not suitable for vegetarians or vegans sorry!

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This diet plan requires you to track calories and macros - they’ve all been calculated for you so as long as you’re weighing your food then that’s fine - you don’t need to enter or track them yourself unless you want to change some foods out. In my experience, tracking calories and macros is the best and fastest way to achieve your fat loss goals. Why guess, when you can be 100% sure you're on the right track, right?!

The program is broken into two 2 week phases with relatively low calories (starts on around 1500 and decreases in the second phase), the first 2 weeks is a low carb plan, with higher fats and protein, designed to assist with water retention - low carb isn’t magic for fat loss, but it’s great for reducing water retention which gives us drops on the scale and psychologically motivates us to stay on plan! The second phase of the diet plan re-introduces more carbs giving us the energy to smash our training session. It’s still considered a low carb plan, however the carb intake has tripled. For those succeeding with the first phase of the diet, I’d suggest doing this for another two weeks before switching to the second phase of the diet plan (so it works out to be a 6 week diet plan).

This diet plan is recommended for people looking to lose fat, from beginners to advanced clients.

If you’ve been dieting for a long period of time (8 weeks + it is advised that you take a diet break at your baseline calories for 7-14 days prior to starting this plan).