17 August, 2017

'I have cellulite too': Personal trainer, 27, posts a before and after photo of her backside to show how much 'editing, tilting and posing' goes into the perfect Instagram snap


16 August, 2017

This personal trainer shares pictures of her cellulite to prove we all have it


16 August, 2017

This woman's "Before-and-after" photos of her cellulite make an important point


14 July, 2017

Woman shows just how much her body can change in a single day


14 July, 2017

Personal trainer shares photos before and after lunch to take down the pressure to have a flat tummy


July, 2017

Before and after lunch photos from a fitness trainer that will boost your self esteem


13 July, 2017

Personal trainer, 27, posts photos of her body taken before and after LUNCH to bust the perception that 'most people have flat stomachs around the clock'


July, 2017

Sophie Allen, the realistic fit girl

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17 March, 2017

Fitness Blogger Helpfully Reminds Us All, No One Has Abs From Morning Til Night

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1 December, 2016

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10 November, 2016

'She looks worse': Woman who shared inspiring body transformation after she almost died from a perforated bowel gets TROLLED online by shamers who slam her new figure


23 September, 2016

How exercise helped Sophie Allen learn to love her body after life-threatening surgeries.

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11 September, 2016

'This is part of my story, it's the reason I'm stronger': Woman who nearly died after surgery, proudly shows her scar having transformed her body