Can i purchase the programs from anywhere in the world?

You sure can. I have clients from all around the world, my prices are all shown in USD

Is the training program suitable for all training levels?

Absolutely, you can make these workouts as hard as you’d like - I’ve ensured there is progression in the program, so you don’t start with any of the big lifts until after you’ve completed the first phase

When will I receive my program?

Once you've purchased your program, you will receive a link to download your PDF - this expires after 24 hours, please download your PDF before this happens! (or email info@sophactivelife.com if this has happened to you)

Can I do the program from home?

I’ve created an at home version of the 8 Week Lean Out Program to cater for those working out from home. The minimum equipment required is a couple fo DB’s, a bench and a step!

how many workouts a week are there?

Both phases have 4 workouts a week plus 1 optional booty focussed workout. The at home guide has two workouts in each phase that you repeat twice each week, plus a third optional booty day.

will i build muscle on this program?

If you push yourself to increase the weight you’re lifting and the deficit you’re eating in isn’t too extreme then yes!

How long will the workouts take me?

The warm up takes 3 minutes and the workouts take 45 minutes (doesn’t allow for setting up/ packing away weights)

are the exercises explained?

There are video links to every workout + your warm up/ activation routine performed by me

Does the program include a nutrition plan?

The 8 Week Lean Out Training Program does not include a nutrition plan, it comes with nutrition advice + a shopping list, however you can purchase the Lean Out Nutrition Guide if you require a nutrition plan

Can I start the program at any time?

Yes! Once you download the PDF you cant start it whenever you'd like

What happens once I've finished my program?

I’m currently working on the next programs to be released in 2018/ 2019 so you’ll be able to keep your results going by progressing onto the next programs

Are the programs customised to me and my goals?

No, the Lean Out Training Program is the same for everyone - it’s a fat loss focussed program that works really well for all body types

Do I receive my calories/ macros with this program?

Yes, with the Lean Out Nutrition Guide, but not with the Lean Out Training Program, they are not specific to the individual, they’re set the same for everyone

Can i follow the nutrition guide if i’m vegetarian/ vegan?

Unfortunately the Lean Out Nutrition Guide does not cater to vegetarians or vegans, however if you’d like to purchase the program, you can use the same calories + macros to create your own meal plans - it just won’t be great value for money (I will bring something out if there is enough demand)

does the nutrition guide have diet breaks?

No, I tend not to give my general population clients diet breaks in the first 6-8 weeks of their fat loss programs, however you can take control and give yourself a diet break if you feel you need one