Can i purchase the programs from anywhere in the world?

You sure can. I have clients from all around the world, my prices are all shown in USD

When will I receive my program?

Once you've purchased your program, you will receive a health questionnaire asking for some details about yourself. After sending this to me I will design your program and send it back to you within 5 days of purchase

Can I do the program from home?

All of my programs are written for gym based training, however if you have some at home equipment (DB's, Resistance Bands, Bench) I can program for you too

Does the program include a nutrition plan?

Not yet, however I will be launching nutrition plans very soon. All programs contain nutritional advice to optimise your training and results

What if i don't have the equipment required to complete the program?

As all programs are customised to each individual I can make any modifications to ensure you're able to complete the program

Can I start the program at any time?

Yes! Once you receive the program you cant start it whenever you'd like

What happens once I've finished my program?

You can purchase another program (4, 8 or 12 weeks) which I will ensure is a progression from what you've been doing

Are the programs customised to me and my goals?

Yep! They're 100% customised to you, your goals and abilities

Do I receive a meal plan with this program?

No, this is a training only program, I've put in additional information around supplements, food lists and goal setting as a little extra to help you reach your goals. Nutrition programs will be coming very soon though

Do I receive my calories/ macros with this program?

No, as this is just the training side of things there are no calories or macros given to my clients. I will be launching this product offering soon