Q: What are macros?

A: Macros are the caloric content of your food (you count nutrients rather than calories) of these three food groups - carbs, protein + fats. Based on your weight, height, activity level and goals you'll have a number calculated for how may grams per food group and total calories per day you need to hit to reach those goals. Read more about it here. 

Q: What do you eat?

A: I try to eat gluten free where possible, as well as minimal refined sugars. As mentioned above, I follow a macronutrient diet, you can read about it here. My macros also change pretty frequently in order to ensure my body isn't getting too used to one way of eating. I've tried keto diets, intense calorie deficits, low carb, high calorie.. gotta keep the body guessing!

Q: What do you do for cardio?

A: I like to incorporate some cardio in between my weights sessions to keep my heart rate up in the rest periods while my muscles recover. I also do HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training) sessions that incorporate deadmill sprints (treadmill turned off, using your strength to push it), with some weights and body resistance movements. I'll do a blog post on this soon! At the moment I like to focus on LISS cardio (low intensity steady state) and ensure I'm in the fat burning zone of my heart rate (60-70% of your max HR). This is forever changing! 

Q: What's your training program like?

A: I workout 6 days a week, I change wha tI do really regularly, so at the moment I'm in a phase called 'intensification' which focuses on enhancing nervous system adaptations (strength + hypertrophy). It involves 5 weight sessions a week and 1 cardio session (45 minutes walking at a pace that keeps my heart rate in the fat burning zone). Prior to this I was in an accumulation phase which is more about metabolic adaptations focussing on volume training for fat loss + hypertrophy - 4 weight sessions with some killer fat burning finishers, higher reps and 2 cardio sessions both LISS (low intensity steady state). 

Q: What exercises can I do for slimmer legs?

A: Unfortunately you can't target fat loss! You can always consider adding another leg day to your workout routine each week (targeting different parts of the legs - quads, hamstrings, glutes, focus on hamstring work and adductor work like sumo deadlifts for the 'box gap' quad work also contributes). In order to slim your legs, like any other part of the body you'll need to reduce your body fat in that area. Do things like cardio, eating the right foods and HIIT to burn fat from your body, depending on your unique body you will lose fat from different places over your own time period.