My Weekly Routine + Where to Start

Hello my friends! Thank you for hitting up my page for another read, I had heaps of fun writing this! There's nothing more exciting than making the decision to incorporate exercise into your life, so I really hope learning about what I do, and reading my suggestions for how to start helps to kick your butt into gear!

So where do i even start?

I'm going to break this into two parts, because I get asked this a bit and I know that some of you are wondering how to start exercising as a non-exerciser, and others are wanting advice on how to get into lifting! Please note you can go from not exercising straight into weightlifting, you don't need to have a fitness background to start lifting, and lifting is all the rage these days because people are starting to learn about the power of muscle. Women are also realising that lifting doesn't make you bulky! 

How to start working out with a non-working out background

Transformations take time! My progress from 2014 to 2017

Transformations take time! My progress from 2014 to 2017

This is a great place to be! It's so exciting to start something new and figure out what it is that keeps you going back! It's also really important to think about your motivations - why you're choosing to get into your fitness more, if you've got strong reasons, that'll help ensure you stick to it! And I'm not saying 'cause I wanna lose fat' I want you guys to know the benefits of training! I definitely started because I wanted to lose fat, but now it's about so much more! I' stronger, more confident in myself and so much healthier!

Ok, so you can join a gym if that's your thing, there are so many benefits to being a gym member. You can go to classes if your gym has them, you can use the open spaces to do floor work, you can use the free weights, kettle bells, resistance bands, pin loaded machines, swim, whatever facilities your gym has, try to use them all and figure out what it is that you love to do! Don't just go there and run on a treadmill, you ain't forking out all that cash to do something you could do outside! 

If you're not at the gym, no stress! There are plenty of home workouts you can do - I worked out from home for the first year of my fitness journey with Kayla Itsines BBG (bikini body guide) program. You can also hit it outside, buy/ borrow cheap equipment like some weights, medicine balls, skipping ropes, resistance bands to incorporate into it. You can also do group sports, yoga, dog walks, hiking, swimming - being active isn't just about hitting the gym! Find what you love! 

My other top tips are:

  • Finding a workout buddy, someone that's going to keep you accountable
  • Be planned + prepared - have your week planned for what you're going to do, clothes packed and ready - no excuses!
  • Always sign up to free/ cheap stuff like classes, trials etc.. to see if there's other stuff you might enjoy
  • Sign up to something big like a half marathon or Tough Mudder to work towards
  • Track your progress with photos (I'm not a fan of the scales but if that's going to help you do that too!) and body fat scans are great every few months

How to start weightlifting


When I started lifting, I got a PT. That's just me, because I knew it was super technical and I wanted to do it right. But you can definitely definitely do this yourself. Just be smart about it - technique is super important because a. you can injure yourself performing a move with the wrong technique and b. you can use the wrong muscle groups, the movement you're doing might not even be targeting the right muscle group. 

There are heaps of resources you can use to find free programs online, but keep in mind these don't have your specific goals in mind.


I like to browse the one's over on, as well as some of my favourite Instagram stars YouTube accounts. You can also buy guides which I think is a really great idea because they come with online communities of others doing them too! 

  • Be organised - get your program sorted, whether it's with a PT, an online course or a bought guide and set your days out (see my example below for my week)
  • Research the technique, if something is confusing don't guess, look up videos online and make sure the source is reputable, if you still don't know you can ask the gym staff or just skip the move to avoid injury 
  • Film yourself (I know this can be embarrassing) but it's the best way to learn and correct your technique
  • Keep track + write down your weight x reps on each set so you can see if you're improving overtime + challenge that - you never want to be hitting your reps every set, and if you're doing this it's time to up your weights! i.e 4 sets of 12 reps, more like 12, 12, 10, 9 reps across 4 sets.
  • Mix up the set types - pyramid sets, drop sets, keep those muscles guessing 
  • Change your program if you're getting bored of it, or finding you're able to complete it easily, muscles adapt quickly so we need to work them differently (push, pull, direction etc). 
  • Don't forget to incorporate some cardio still! This doesn't need to be a weekly 5-10km run, I mean walking, HIIT etc.. to keep your cardiovascular strength and overall fitness levels up! 

My weekly routine:

I workout 6 days a week, what I focus on depends on what the goals I'm working toward are - at the moment I'm working on shedding fat and building my booty. I've also recently had a bit of a shift in my approach and will be dropping back to 4-5 days a week. I focus on a combination of fat burning moves and weight lifting to achieve this and I also try to et my steps up each day to a minimum of 10,000 steps (I walk to and from work and go for lunchtime walks) but you don't need to do all of this to see results! That's just what makes me feel good. And that's why I'l be dropping back to 4-5 days a week, because I can still achieve these goals by working out less! Also my trainer puts together my program, and I get one every 4 weeks - I need the change to keep me motivated! 

Monday: Personal training session: fat burner day - comprises of 3 different tri-sets (3 moves done one after the other with no rest in between) for example:

fatburner routine

Tuesday: Booty day

Wednesday: Upper body with cardio interrupt. I do this to keep my heart rate up during the workout, I have this weird thing in my head that if I don't sweat during a workout I didn't work hard enough (totally not reasonable!!) so I like to add cardio into it. So I'll do my first superset followed by 5 minutes of deadmill walking, my second superset followed by another 5 minutes of deadmill walking and my final superset then I'm done! My upper body routine focusses mainly on back + chest as I'm not wanting to build my arms too much. 

Thursday: Booty + leg day

Friday: Fat burner day - similar to the above

Saturday: Booty + leg day

Sunday: Rest day/ walking

I'm definitely going to do some more filming and photographing of my workouts to share with you guys so I can help with your technique too - stay tuned!

Let me know how you go, and as always, please leave any comments with any q's, email, Insta DM etc.. and I'll do my best to get back to you.

Lot's of love
Soph xx