Mustering Up Motivation

This has got to be one of my most commonly asked questions, so I’m gonna give you my TOP 9 TIPS for staying motivated to help you reach and crush your goals! By the way, I’ve read so many interviews/ articles in magazines and things online that detail how people stay motivated and a lot of that stuff never really worked for me (minus one huge one which I’ll share below). But I think the most important thing to remember is that motivation is different for everyone, everyones reason to start will be different, as will your reason to continue, so I really hope that these tips resonate with a few of you to help stay on track whilst pursuing your goals 🙌

09. Incentivise with activewear or other clothes/ things you love. If you stick to your goals for the week/ fortnight or month then reward yourself by purchasing something you really want! I'm terrible with impulse control and pretty much always justify myself being stuff I don't need so this one doesn't reeeaallly work for me, but there might be few people who this would work really well for! 

08. Get your stalk on! We all do it, I've got my go-to girl bosses that I always stalk on Instagram for inspo pre workout. I can scroll for hours before I get my act together, but seeing everyone crushing it at the gym makes me all the more determined to get the post workout endorphin rush. 

07. Workout buddy. This was one I used to think was kinda lame. But since living with my boyfriend and reaping the benefits of his motivation, I've been way more dedicated at weekend workouts. If I can't be bothered, and he goes to sprint the stairs, damn right I'm going with him! 

06. Trying new things. Classes as well as workouts - I get a lot of my workout inspo from YouTubers and I actually get really excited to get to the gym and try anything new that I see online. It's also fun to sign up to free trials for classes - F45, Pilates, Barre, Spin to name a few. My favourite YouTubers for workouts are Whitney Simmons, Cristina Capron & Nikki Blackketter. 

05. Play music, dance around the house & new playlists. It might sound silly but music has such an amazing impact on mood. My current favourite playlist is this one: Flume House Party

04. Accountability Instagram. i started my Instagram as a means of keeping myself accountable and connecting with like-minded women who I felt could encourage and motivate me to stick to my goals. It worked!

03. Put on your activewear anyway. I 'trick' myself by saying 'oh I'm not actually gonna workout, but I'll just put my workout gear on anyway' 9/10 I'll end up doing it because of that!

02. Transformation photos. No matter how uncomfortable you feel taking these, or how upset it might make you feel (I know cause I've been there), I urge you to take them! Be really honest, try to keep the same lighting, pose and clothing. I remember thinking I wasn't making any progress, and was so surprised to see how far I'd come when comparing my before and afters. You see you everyday, so you can't see the small changes that happen each day. I take mine first thing in the morning, once a week. Change may be super quick for you or take longer for you to see results. If you're eating well and training consistently the results WILL come! 

01. Schedule it baby! My number 1 golden rule that almost always saves me is scheduling each workout each week and treating it like a doctors appointment or something I wouldn't miss! 

Further thoughts on motivation

Whilst I fee motivation is a really important part of working out, or at least starting to workout, I feel that once you've created those habits, working out becomes your lifestyle. It's less about motivation and more about habit. Sure I still have times where I really need to dig deep to get me to the gym, but I know I'll always do it, because I've been working out for so long that it's become my way of living. This started happening after about 3 months of consistently working out. Apparently it takes 2 months to form a new habit, so get your hustle on and DO NOT give up in the first 2 months, cause then you've gotta start all over again.