One of my Leg + Booty Workouts

Hey, wasup! Thought I'd show you guys one of my many leg/ booty burner workouts to get that bootay poppin!

In terms of reps, sets and weights etc... I go off a 4 weekly plan with the first week being a 'lighter' week so 3 sets and then week 3-4 I complete 4 sets. But this also depends on how much time you've got to get your workout in. 

I already had a booty to workout but the challenge was to reduce booty fat and turn it into muscle! #peachlyf

I already had a booty to workout but the challenge was to reduce booty fat and turn it into muscle! #peachlyf

I don't set a target rep number, but a target rep range in order to achieve progressive overload. Progressive overload is the act of getting bigger and stronger by continuously making your muscles work harder than they're used to i.e lifting heavier overtime + challenging yourself. Setting a certain number of reps can restrict how hard you push yourself, for example if there are 12 reps you need to complete you'll pick a weight to ensure you get to that 12 reps, whereas if your aim is to get between 8-12 you're more likely to challenge yourself with a harder weight and your sets will ideally look something like this --> set 1: 12 reps, set 2: 11 reps, set 3: 10 reps, set 4: 8 reps.

Another goal for reps that my trainer gets me to do is aim for 3 reps from fail in week 1, 3 reps from fail in week 2, 2 reps from fail in week 3 and 1 rep from fail in week 4 to ensure you're really pushing yourself to get them gains!

Ok I'm gonna give you the workout now!!



Leg + Booty Workout


Now I'm gonna break down each move for  you - technique is super super important for many reasons. 1. So you don't injure yourself 2. So you're getting maximum benefits from the moves by using & engaging the right muscles! Deadlifts are particularly technical so please grab a trainer at your gym to run you through it to make sure you don't mess up your back! Puuhhlease. 


When I'm performing lower reps I go heavier than if I were doing 8-12 reps, at the time of writing I'm up to 70kg for these which I'm super stoked about. Make sure you start with just the bar to warm up, then add weights until you get to your working set (so building up to 70kg I might do 4-6 reps at 20kg which is just the bar, add 20kg and do 4-6 reps @40kg add another 20kg and do 4-6 reps @ 60kg and then add the last 10kg and start my 4 sets from there)

Elevated sumo squat

Ensure wide stance, knees shouldn't go over toes as you bend down, keep back straight + drive through your heels - I'm using a 34kg DB (dumbbell). You can also elevate yourself on smaller steps.

Cable pull through

Kinda like a deadlift, but not. Set weight on cable machine, use tricep rope, rest on your thighs near where your hips bend and keep it there, step forward and bend down like deadlift pose and squeeze glutes to straighten back up. I'm using 37.5kg here.

DB step up

DB = dumbbell, I'm using 12kg in each hand here. You can also use a lower bench, if the bench is too high place a weight plate under your feet to elevate you. 

Assisted wide grip pull up

This was actually meant to be a negative close grip pull up which you can replace it with, or assisted with the resistance band, I'm using the assisted dip machine because I've got a bad shoulder atm and this seems to be the least painful way to do these. I've got it set to 19kg here. Try to keep straight posture and don't use your legs to hoist yourself up! 

Wide grip cable row

Use the lat pulldown par, and grip just where the bar starts to bend for wide grip. I'm doing these with 35.5kg here, put your mind into your back as you squeeze your shoulder blades together as you row just under your boobs. 

Weighted frog pumps

These kill! And yes 50 is not a typo for reps, go at whichever speed you like but fast gets it over with quicker! Lay down, put your feet together so they make a triangle (important) so the inside of your feet are touching at the top and they descend out on an outward angle, Try to keep your heels close to your bum and pump up and down, ensure you're on a gripping surface and if you're not feeling it in your glutes as you push up try to push towards your feet more - that ought to burn! 

That's it! I was doing this once a week in my old program and am now onto a new one (which includes those death frog pumps in it again). Let me know if you give it a go, any q's comment below, DM or email me and I'll be sure to keep uploading my workouts if it's something you guys like to see!

Soph x