How To Stay On Track

Hey guys, it's me making a blogging comeback! Who'd have thought it would ONLY be 11 months in between posts.. so terribly guilty of letting this slide, but here's hoping I've got my shit together enough to be bringing you more content, more regularly, especially now that I've been working on my own development as a coach with a lot of education to ensure I'm bringing you the best and most accurate info I've learned from the worlds best!


Onto my reason for writing though! As an Instagram fitness influencer kinda person (idk what you call it), I get asked a lot of questions on the reg, and one of the most commonly asked questions is, 'how do I stay on track'. I used to think there was a secret no one was letting me in on with this, how were this fit people always hitting the gym, making healthy food choices and continuously seeing results?! Why wouldn't they share with me HOW?.. Well I found out there isn't actually a secret no one was telling me. It's not about will power, it's not about detox teas, surgery, or any of the other gimmicks people try to sell to those so desperate for answers. It's unique to every individual. My reason for being able to stick to my training and nutrition plan, is different to my housemates, my friends, my coaches and yours. Whilst I find my goals certainly help me stay on track, I'm not immune to times where I really want to stuff my face with 3 donuts, 1.5 family size packets of Tim Tams, 1 box of Favourites and 2 packets of Oreos.. why the specificity? Oh wait.. I actually did that recently. It was amazing and it sucked all at the same time. I was in a 'bulking phase' of my comp prep, and justified it all too well (that and there was bulk chocolate in Maddy's house who I was house sitting for at the time). I felt guilty AF.. but since then I've really adjusted my way of thinking and approaching food. I think the reason I binged like that, was because I'd been too restrictive with my diet leading up to that. I mean, I'd been dieting for like 3 months until then, with another 3 to go until my comp, I was bound to slip up.

Today I found myself craving chocolate, I have a block of 95% Dark Lindt Chocolate in my cupboard because I like to add it to my oats that I eat in the afternoon (I make it fit my macros, which is my new approach to dieting - flexibility). What happened to prevent me from eating the chocolate? I stopped and had a conversation with myself. Often, I'll just do it and 'deal with the consequences later' aka me guilt tripping myself and disappointing my coach. The conversation I had in my head was 'why do you want this? will this help me get closer to my goals? how will I feel after I eat this?' and I realised I was just a bit stressed with work, a bit bored, a bit cold, a bit achy and tired.. and so I made some tea, acknowledged the craving and let it pass. We all have the choice, it's completely up to us what we do with a craving, and how we frame it in our minds. I encourage you to challenge those thoughts when they enter your head, because the more you're able to say no, the easier it will become. The quicker you'll get results, and then THAT is what keeps you going. Because you see that hard work really is paying off, and those little decisions not to slip up add up. 

Other than the above, here are a few things I wrote for my clients about staying on track!


1. Preparation is key! I know when I’ve meal prepped, the only way I’m not hitting my calories and macros for the day is if I choose to eat extra food outside of this, so meal prepping is the best way to ensure you’re going to be on track. If I’m going to be out and about I take my meals with me, if I get home and I’m starving and would rather reach for the chocolate, I instead know I’ve got a meal there that fits my macros/ cals!

2. If I haven’t prepped, I almost always have either containers of cooked food sitting in the fridge ready to be put together or food ready to be cooked. I also have some super quick & easy meals I put together i.e frozen beans, turkey mince, coconut oil + rice. I find when I’m really stuck, like if I’ve returned from a trip and have nothing prepped and no fresh food, that’s when things get tricky. Frozen meals are always a good thing to have as back up in the freezer just in case!

3. Going to social events can obviously be very tricky, there’s a lot of temptation and I find avoiding temptation easy when I don’t have those foods in the house, but out and about is a whole other story! I find if I allow for treats in my macros, I’m way more inclined to stop after a little bit because I know I’ve allowed for it, rather than binge on everything in sight. There’s a mentality a lot of us have and it’s ‘eat all the food now, because I now that I’ve messed it up, I may as well eat all the things I want’, and I believe we feel lie that the our diets are too restrictive. For example, I’m prepping for stage at the moment, but I LOVE chocolate, so I allow for 1-2 pieces of dark lindt chocolate every day, I’ve actually been able to stick to this despite the block living in my pantry.. go figure. If you’re full committed to the diet and don’t think you’ll be able to hold back even when you allow for some treats in your food, you can always take your meal prep. I’ve done this plenty of times, and I actually feel so empowered when I make these decisions because they’re really hard, and when you overcome something really difficult, that inches you closer to your end goal, it’s quite addictive

4. Eating out at restaurants and cafes can also bring about this anxiety, but I’ll often look at the menu ahead of time and put a plan into place, plans work well for me, I tend to stick to something when I make the decision I’m going to. Breakfast is easy, I often just opt for poached or scrambled eggs, avocado, feta, any vegetables they may have (tomatoes/ mushrooms) and if I’m feeling like it a piece of gluten free toast. The more you weigh your food and track your macros, the better you’ll get at intuitively weighing stuff by eye! With dinners, I tend to ask for grilled protein (fish/ meats/ chicken) with all of the vegetables or a side salad and just ask for the sauces on the side, most places are super accommodating to this

5. Go with your gut - I feel physically sick when I indulge in things that are processed and sugary, that’s just because of my gut health, some people feel totally fine eating those foods, others not so much. The more advanced the client, the more flexibility they can have with their food choices, whereas for those just starting out I always suggest sticking to clean foods, as this will help with their insulin resistance (where the body stores the nutrients you get from your food, muscle, liver or fat —> the more insulin resistance the more the nutrients are stored in your fat, the more insulin sensitive those nutrients go to the liver and muscles). That’s also why I love starting all of my clients on my 4 Week Kickstarter Shred Diet, because it’s low carb + helps to create insulin sensitivity!


6. Finally, showing yourself compassion and self love throughout this journey is important. I don’t think even the most successful athletes a the top of their game stick to a plan 100% of the time, we’re humans, we can’t always be on, so if you slip up, learn from it and move forward. I’ve done this countless times, and it only makes me more determined to prove to myself that I’m capable of getting to my goals and jumping over those damn hurdles (hurdles also known as donuts).

I'm back baby! I had so much fun writing this, and it actually helped me with my cravings.. so maybe the more blog pieces you see, the more chocolate I'm craving! ;)

Soph Xx