Booty Burner Workout

You guys know I love to work the booty and build them glutes 🍑! What I love about booty days, is you can actually work the booty quite a lot, so I do 3 booty workouts a week! Here is another killer glute workout combined with some upper body. Enjoy! 


*DB = Dumbbell RB = Resistance Band Superset = two sets completed one after the other

A few notes below breaking down each workout plus the weights I used to give you an indication. 

1. Deadlift - work up to daily max in 10 minutes

Start your timer, and work up to your daily max weight (daily because on some days you may be feeling stronger than others, it's ok if one day you're not lifting as much as the last).

Here's an example of my sets:


2. Smith machine hack squat with RB

Wrap resistance band around, just above the knees. Stand under the smith machine in back squat position and step forward the length of one step. This is your squat position. Squat down as low as you can go and push up through your heels activating the glutes. 

3. Single arm DB row

Grab a weight that challenges you, one that you'll be able to reach all 12 reps in the first set, but struggle to reach them all in the last sets (i.e set 1: 12 reps, set 2: 12 reps, set 3: 11 reps, set 4: 10 reps each side). Knee and hand of one side of the body (right knee, right hand with DB in left hand) arm & hand straight down, bend elbow up to ceiling, ensure you're using back muscles and keep back straight (don't shrug or raise shoulders or twist body to the ceiling). 


4. Barbell hip thrusts on bench with RB

Wrap the resistance band around your legs, just above your knees, with your back on a bench. Roll the barbell onto you (I use padding on the bar so it doesn't dig into my hips), squeeze from the glute and raise to the ceiling. Ensure arms are straight and are aligned/ on the same angle as quads and knees.

5. Lying leg curl single leg

As you're curling your legs, ensure your hips stay flat on the bench so you're using your glute and hamstring.


6. 45 Degree leg press feet wide

Feet should be beyond shoulder width apart (sumo squat stance), ensure you're driving through your heels + not locking knees at the top!

7.Frog pumps with RB

Wrap band around legs just above your knees, feet together to make a triangle (big toes together + little toes out on the angle), whilst squeezing glutes and raising to the ceiling. 

I hope this all makes sense! I've got the video on my Instagram if you want to see what these moves actually look like! Let me know how you go, and leave any comments + I'll try to get back to you asap!

Lot's of love, Soph xx