Hey! My name is soph, my goal is to help + inspire as many people as I can in my lifetime by sharing my knowledge, experience + insights in all things health of the mind + body. thanks for stopping by.

I'm super passionate about living and healthy, active lifestyle and I believe that incorporating exercise and eating to fuel your body will lead to a well rounded, happy life. I believe this, because I have experienced the self loathing and self consciousness that comes with feeling unhappy in your skin and never being able to stick to any form of exercise routine until I realised I needed to re-adjust the way I approached health and fitness. 

In 2010/11 I was hospitalised for a surgery that went wrong - the surgeon had perforated my bowel after a day procedure looking for endometriosis which lead to a month in hospital, a tonne of smaller and larger procedures and a very long recovery. I yearned to feel strong, healthy and fit but it took me a while to get here. Today, I weight train 4-5 days a week, I love the endorphins I get from working out at the gym and lifting weights and love balancing healthy eating with treating myself to the foods I love and would never give up. 

I hope I can help you in some way, whether that be through my blog posts, Instagram posts, sharing my story and now I'm taking on clients as an online coach! Either way, thank you for reading and joining me on this journey. Feel free to hit me up with emails, comments or love in any form!

Soph xx